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Brinks Prepaid MasterCard Offer Details


Get Fast Access to Your Account.

• Check your account balance as well as your transaction history
• Send money to friends and family in an instant
• Locate no cost reload locations near you
• Load checks straight to your account – it’s as simple as taking a picture

Brinks Smart Phone Account Access

Why use BRINKS NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card

A small deposit of just $40 or more into your new Brinks prepaid account gives you another $20 -- for free.

 No referral rewards shall be credited if the referred individual had a NetSpend card that was used for a value load, purchase, cash withdrawal, or incurred a balance inquiry fee at any time during the 180 calendar days before the day that the $40 load requirement is fully met. Cardholder-to-cardholder transfers do not count toward the minimum load requirement.

Enrolling your friends and family is rewarding, because Brinks will automatically pay you $20 each time, the first time that they deposit at least $40 into their new Brinks Prepaid MasterCard account.  This equals unlimited income for you and your family.

Brinks' NetSpend Prepaid Debit MasterCard is accepted everywhere virtually everywhere across the nation in stores and online.

Make purchases online by entering your card number and cvv/cvc code, or use it at local stores and more with just a swipe of your card -- or use your signature, just like a credit card.

Receive free death and dismemberment insurance benefits with the Brinks MasterCard which is based on your monthly deposit amount. This free benefit can keep your family secure in case of an accident.  Although this option is free, you must enroll separately after card activation and deposit qualification. (see the card issuer for more details)




Get Your Paycheck 2 Days Sooner 


Get Paid Up to 2 Whole Days Sooner

Faster access to funds is based on comparison of Brink's immediate availability policy versus the typical banking practice of posting funds only after settlement. Direct deposit by your employer of other check is free.  Having faster direct deposit capability is subject to payer's support of the feature and timing of payer's funding. Check with your payer to find out when the direct deposit of funds will start.1 

Here's a list of the free direct deposit types:
  • Employer Payroll Checks

  • Tax Refund Checks

  • Supplemental Security Income Checks (SSI)

  • Social Security Checks (SSA)

  • State Unemployment Benefits Checks (depending upon which state)

  • Veterans Administration Compensation & Pension Checks

  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service Checks (DFAS)

  • Employer Pension Checks

  • Railroad Retirement Checks

  • Civil Service Retirement Checks




Save Money with Brinks Prepaid Debit Card


Free Overdraft Protection Prevents Costly Penalty Fees2

Brinks NetSpend offers you a Free "Purchase Cushion" or Overdraft Buffer of $10.00 that allows you up to 24 hours to deposit the overage back into your account. (please read your Cardholder Agreement for exact details)

To use the free overdraft protection service, you must first sign up for it after you activate your card, and second, you must deposit at least $200 into your account each month. There is no hold on your deposits.


Free 5% APY Savings Account Helps Keep You Financially Secure

There is no minimum balance or deposit requirements with Brinks NetSpend Debit Card.  The optional Savings Account allows you to begin saving your money and watching it grow with a huge 5% APY. You must sign-up separately for the Brinks savings account after you have activated your debit card online.

Having money tucked away in a savings account helps you to have funds available for health emergencies and failing appliances that require replacement very quickly.  Save for family vacations, Christmas, your kids college education, or just for peace of mind.


Free Discount on Prescriptions with Your Brinks NetSpend MasterCard

Your new Brinks Prepaid MasterCard also offers you the option of a free, money saving medical prescription card, that can save you up to 55% off of your regular price prescriptions.  The prescription card is offered free of charge and is accepted at more than 60,000 local pharmacies across the United States.  You must sign up to get the prescription discount after you have activated your card.


Never Pay Another ATM Fee Ever Again

Never pay expensive ATM fees when you use your Brinks Prepaid MasterCard when you use the 'Cash Back' option offered at most store check out registers.  Just press the 'DEBIT' button, choose the amount of cash that you would like from your account, and then enter your PIN.  It's really that simple. There will not be a fee like ATM's charge for deducting cash from your prepaid account.


Put Gas into Your Vehicle with Any Account Balance

Did you know that you can use your Brinks NetSpend Debit Card to pump gasoline with any amount of cash left in your Brinks Card Account?  Brinks does not require a minimum balance before pumping gasoline, like some other prepaid debit cards.

You can easily avoid the 'temporary authorization hold' that gas stations commonly apply, that can tie-up money in your debit card account for several days.  You can do this by simply paying with your card inside with the station attendant, before you pump.

Always pay the attendant inside with your card before pumping gas -- Don't swipe your card at the pump.




Cash Saving Options


Are there Optional Monthly Plan Fees?

Yes!  Brinks offers you 3 different monthly plan options.

  1. Pay-As-You-Go Plan with no monthly fee, just a $1 per purchase fee.

  2. The Brinks NetSpend Monthly Plan that has a $9.95 fee, with no purchase fees.

  3.  The Brinks NetSpend $5 Monthly Preferred Plan, which you will automatically be enrolled in if you deposit at least $500 per month into your Brinks Prepaid MasterCard account. This automatic enrollment plan also gives you unlimited purchases, a 5% savings account, and free $10 overdraft protection.  You must enroll separately through your online account for these free services.

If you are enrolled in the $9.95 per month plan, you will get BRINKS' $10 Overdraft Cushion of protection.  You are also eligible to be enrolled in BRINKS' Savings Account that pays a whopping 5% Annual Percent Yield (APY). You must enroll separately through your online account.

It’s important to note that because Savings Account funds are withdrawn through the card account (six transfers per calendar month is maximum), card account transaction fees could reduce the interest earned on your Brinks Savings Account balance.


Brinks Prepaid Card Fees

Choose the Plan that Best Fits Your Lifestyle when You Apply!



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1 See the prepaid card provider's fine print at for official details either expressed or implied herein.  As usual, always read contracts before signing.

2 Enrollment in the $9.95 per month plan or Brinks NetSpend Preferred plan required. $1 per transaction plan not eligible. You must enroll separately for these free options.

 *Completed application, valid identification and full compliance with the US Patriot Act is required for approval for the prepaid debit card.

By using this affiliate site you do hereby agree that we are not responsible for errors or misinformation and as such shall not be held liable in any manner. See the actual card provider at for official details.



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